See When Specific Colleagues Are Next Going to Be in the Office

The Steer Workplace team

As many workplaces adapt to a structure where most people are not working from the same location each day, there are a number of new challenges that arise.

A big one is working out when certain colleagues are next going to be in the office.

This is essential for certain types of work that need in-person collaboration but it is also important when re-establishing social familiarity between a workforce after a period of fully-remote work.

Research has shown that in organisations utilising hybrid work, one of the main considerations an employee makes before deciding where to work is ‘which colleagues are going to be in on that day?’.

Without Evac One, this might involve emailing each person you need to work with and waiting for a response (this doesn’t even account for the inevitable chasers).

Now, with Evac One’s Next In feature you can find out when “Bob from accounts is next going to be in” within seconds.

How to: 

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Office directory’ in the Booking menu

Screenshot of Evac One's simple desk booking software

Step 2: Browse colleagues or search for the colleague of interest in the search bar

‘Next In’ perfectly complements the ‘Who’s in’ feature which shows users who’s going to be in the office each day at the point of booking.

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