Let flexible teams work together on-location

The Steer Workplace team
Office workers on-location

Evac One can help you manage flexible working schedules within smaller office footprints. It’s simple for employees – our office access feature lets them request to come on a given day with one click.

If there are more requests than availability, we’ll assign desks automatically based on the priority given to each employee. Employees will then be emailed highlighting if they can come in, along with the floor and desk number.

Restrict floors

Location managers have the option to stipulate which floors each employee can be assigned to. If your marketing team always wants to sit together on floor 4, update their permitted floors and they’ll be automatically placed where they want to go.

Floor availability can be increased or decreased in real time, so location managers can respond to the demands of their workplace team to find space for everyone.

Affordable flexible working management

Evac One provides a flexible working platform that is easy to use and affordable to organisations of any size.

Register for a 30 day free trial with Evac One today, where you can sign up without payment.