How to layout your office in Evac One

Craig Rennie, Customer Success Manager



Laying out your office on Evac One 

One of the first things you’ll need to do when setting up Evac One is organise the layout of your location. This is where you’ll add all of the floors in your office, and any other rooms like bathrooms and kitchens etc 

To begin, click on the settings page on the menu bar, followed by location layout.

Click on add new floor and name that floor(1,2,3 etc) and if there’s any desks. 

Then click on add new area, where you can add any other rooms on that floor, kitchen, breakout area etc 


Asset register:

Once you’ve added your floors and areas, this leads us to asset register. 

You’ll find this section in the office management page next to office access 


Here is where you can add all of your office assets, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, fire blanket etc 

Just click on add asset and enter the relevant details for that asset and save. 


It’s important to add your location layout before assets, as you’ll see when you add an asset it asks you for the area of the building that this asset is located.  


Now your location is setup and you’ll see it hasn’t taken long to do soold log books and Excel no longer needed to track these tasks. All now simplified within Evac One.   


Hopefully this guide provides you with all of the steps you need, however if you need any further assistance from us when setting up your account your customer success manager can provide any help you need.  Start a free trial today.