Managing your employees on Evac One

Craig Rennie, Customer Success Manager

Managing your employees on Evac One 

How will we manage our employees when we re-open the office? 

A question many office managers will face in the coming months as we look to get some employees back into the office.  

Our ‘Office Access’ feature is designed to answer that question for you, with a simplified process that takes the burden away from you. Getting set up is straightforward. 

To add a new employee all you need to do is go to “Employees and roles” and select “Add new”. Here you can assign your employee to specific locations and assign them special roles. 

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If you have many employees to add when first setting up Evac One then we can assist you in getting them uploadedallowing you to assign fire wardens, first aiders and set individual priority levels so you’re in control of who’s allowed to work from the office. 

Once added, your employees can use our fast and simple web app to request office access, it takes seconds and once requested Evac One takes care of the office and desk allocation. 

All they need to do to request a desk is click the days they want to work and check in when they do come into the office. If they’re approved, they’ll be told what floor and desk they’re working on.  

When you’re ready to let employees back into the office, activate the office access feature. At any point, you can inform your location team about this feature highlighting what they need to do to request access by means of a system-generated email. 

To do that just click on ‘settings’ and click send next to ‘email your team’ 

Once Office Access is activated you can choose whether you also want to use desk allocation. Basic Office Access simply assigns which of your employees can have office access, while Desk Allocation will also allocate them a specific desk to use for that day. Desk Allocation is controlled in this section too, where you can toggle it on and offYou can also click and move the ‘floor priority level’ to dictate highest to least.  

The system automatically allocates employees these desks based off their priority level, saving you significant admin time. You can add/remove should you wish, but most people leave the allocation to Evac One and spend their time elsewhere.  

Office Access is one of the many office management features available on Evac One. 

Start a Free Trial today and start to put a plan in place for getting employees back into your office!