Office desk booking in the 2020s

The Steer Workplace team
Office workers

Office working in the 2020s will look very different, as a majority of businesses adapt to permanent flexible working.

For organisations who still need to support some kind of location presence, there is still an opportunity to reduce costs. One way is to manage a smaller on-location footprint more effectively.

Evac One helps achieve this with our office utilisation tools, including automated priority booking and real-time check-in and contact tracing.

Number your location desks

Another option available is desk booking, which is provided this via a simple numbering system. This assigns a location, floor and desk to employees given access on a given day.

Location managers can use this feature by numbering desks in the office. When employees are allocated a specific desk number, they can seek out this desk when they come to work.

Evac One’s office access tools allow daily control of on-site capacity. With desk booking, businesses are provided another way to manage their office while adapting to COVID-related concerns, such as social distancing measures and cleaning schedules. 

Desk numbering is optional and can be activated within the office access feature. Organisations who hot-desk can choose to simply assign employees a floor.

Log desk check-in

If desk assignment isn’t valuable to a location, there is also the option of independent desk check-in, where employees and location managers can check-in, or check someone in, to a specific desk in real-time.

This information can be downloaded and shared easily. One potential benefit of this is cleaning teams can understand the scale of cleaning required, rather than waiting until they are on site.

In a post-COVID world a workplace environment that supports whoever is in the office will be prioritised. Rigid seating plans don’t allow for space optimisation. Office chemistry is built through video conferencing rather than the water cooler. Evac One is built to let businesses adapt to this and thrive.

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