Craig Rennie, Customer Success Manager

The most important part of developing a successful software as a service is listening to your customers feedback – positive or negative, listening is crucialAnd that’s a core principle we follow at Evac One. 

Over the past year you’ll have seen a regular flow of new feature updates in the system that have been requested, and that will continue throughout 2021.  

As we’re coming towards the end of 2020 (a year we’ll never forget) I thought I’d share some new features you’ll see in the next few weeks, and some exciting things to come in 2021.

The rest of 2020:

Allocated floor – employees can be allocated to a specific floor to give you greater control over where people sit. 

Desk numbering – allocate desk numbers for where people sit, to improve efficiency and to know which desks need cleaning each day. 

Visitor management – check visitors into your office safely and efficiently.


System reminders – set important reminders for your office and fire safety tasks. 

Safety audit report – see an overview of all your logged safety actions, such as tests, inspections and incidents. 

Evacuation plan  create and distribute your locations evacuation plan, digitally.