Evac One as a replacement for your Excel docs

Phil Woodward

Keeping health & safety logs and fire safety logs is an important task that all businesses need to do, but keeping them in Excel can create issues.

Safety logs demonstrate a business’s compliance with safety regulations and are important evidence of that compliance should an inspection ever occur. They allow management, who are legally responsible for health and fire safety, to check the business is compliant. And most importantly, they show your employees that you are taking the right actions to keep them safe.

Safety logs are increasingly kept in Excel files, saved somewhere in a Sharepoint site or on a Google Doc. While it is great that they are digitised, there are serious limitations when it comes to maintaining logs in Excel or Google Doc files.

These files are OK for recording static content but do nothing to proactively remind the person responsible what they should be doing – they do not act as reminders, and do not surface problems when regular safety tasks are not being undertaken. They are typically cumbersome to manipulate and cumbersome to use across multiple offices or fire safety stakeholders.

Even large businesses will use tools like Sharepoint to keep track of safety across multiple locations. But they typically find this does not scale well.

And this creates a real admin burden for businesses – simply keeping track of what has and has not been done, and what should have been done, can be difficult, especially for any company with multiple premises or larger offices.

Evac One solves this problem by including a dedicated, purpose-built set of features for managing fire safety and general health & safety tasks. Our Safety Logs allow you to easily log safety tasks such as fire alarm tests, drills, or incidents.

And not only does it let you log them, but it also includes task management so you can instantly create a task off the back of any log entry, and track that task through to completion.

For instance, if you conducted a fire alarm test that identified a problem you can log the test and create a task for yourself to resolve the problem. You then have the audit trail of both conducting the original test and resolving the problem it identified.

The most important thing is that Health & safety logging is done diligently by all businesses.

Using Evac One will make this logging easier and less time-consuming. If you would like to start using Evac One for your business, you can sign up here.