Benefiting from the new normal of flexible working

Phil Woodward

“COVID-19 has changed nothing, it has accelerated everything.”

This statement, made by more than one commentator, is perfectly exemplified by the rapid change in how companies are using offices, allowing staff to work from home or from the office on a flexible basis.

This was a clear trend for a while. Companies realised that flexible working was a win-win situation.

It was a win for an employee as they benefited from everything working from home can bring (lack of commute, cost savings, productivity increases, better work life balance, to name a few).

And it was a win for the employer as it meant that, in theory, not as much desk space would be required.

The idea here is simple – if you have 100 staff, you don’t need 100 desks if you enable people to work from home part of the week. Maybe you only need 80, or 60, or even less.

COVID-19 has forced an acceleration of this trend, and shown businesses the opportunities that exist here.

But how do you manage this? The admin burden of controlling who is and isn’t going to be in the office can be significant.

Evac One has a simple and cost effective solution to this.

Our Office Access feature allows employees to request what days they want to work in the office. The system then allocates out who can come in based on office capacity and a simple prioritisation system.

During COVID-19 this feature makes it simple to manage an office with reduced capacity.

But looking beyond COVID-19 (because it will end), our Office Access feature allows companies to benefit from this new mode of working. Expanding the team does not necessarily mean a costly expansion in office & desk space, when you can use a tool like Evac One to manage a flexible working policy.

With Evac One you can grow you company, without growing your office space.

And the best news is this is very cost effective, starting at only £50 per month per office.

COVID-19 has accelerated a workplace shift that has been gathering pace over the past few years, and we believe companies can look with optimism to the future, and the opportunities to use this new way of working and a tool like Evac One to make substantial cost savings while also providing their employees the great experience that is flexible working.

If you’d like to test this out, you can sign up for free at