Perform safety tasks smarter with a digital asset register

The Steer Workplace team

Digitally track your safety assets with Evac One’s asset register, so you can log product details, service history and maintenance records in a single place, while utilising the information to assist the execution of your office safety compliance tasks.

Replacing physical log books

Choosing Evac One as your workplace management and safety assistant means you can cast aside the chunky, tattered logbook that has documented your safety inventory from long before anyone remembers.

Once the information is logged in Evac One’s web-based database, it doesn’t need a physical presence and can be located and distributed internally and externally with ease. View the information at any time online, or export to a spreadsheet.

Automated service reminders

Adding your location safety apparatus to the asset register is a simple task; choose the asset type, specify the location and optional asset ID, and mark the last time it was inspected. We’ll use this date to tell you when another service is due, so you don’t have to set a calendar reminder in 12 months time.

It also helps perform other safety tasks more efficiently. Ahead of your weekly fire alarm test, use the asset register to understand which of the alarms is due testing, and when you’re logging the results the inspection date will automatically be updated for this asset.

Shared task management

The benefits of using Evac One to log the results of your fire alarm test, evacuation drills, inspections or incidents go beyond basic compliance tracking. When logging the information, you can add a task to your location task list, so if a test fails and you need to call an engineer this action will be highlighted to all location admins.

As with all of your office safety obligations, our goal is to remove the personal and efficiency burden caused by dated processes whilst keeping your organisation compliant.

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