Run contact tracing with simple employee check-in tools

The Steer Workplace team

For location-based businesses, facilitating the return of staff to the office during a pandemic requires a level of preparation far above the standard security protocols that preceded COVID-19’s spread.

Keeping staff protected

Evac One’s office access management tool allows organisations to control access requests with a configurable combination of location availability and employee priority, so numbers can be closely controlled and restricted to essential team members.

Independently of this automated assignment system, Evac One has recently launched both check-in and contact tracing features, where team members log their presence at a location on a given day, and this information can be used to execute contact tracing queries.

Collaborative check-in

The obligations on staff are minimal, as once their account is set up it’s a simple process to access the web platform and click check-in when on-location, with the option to select a specific floor.

If they forget to check-in on the day, this can be done retrospectively, or alternatively a location manager can check team members in for them, removing the dependency on individual staff completely. Office managers and receptionists can manage the whole process each day from a single screen.

Run simple contact tracing

If a positive test is reported within your team, Evac One’s contact tracing tool allows location managers to perform a search on the individual and export any team members who were on-location at the same time. This allows rapid identification of exposed individuals, and the ability to contact them quickly.

Location managers can configure the system to limit ‘exposed’ individuals to those either allocated or checked-in to the same floor on the same day as the positive case, as well as configuring a custom timeframe from the 21-day default on the contact trace.

Keeping businesses functioning

Using check-in in conjunction with office access management provides a simple solution for organisations to manage and react to social distancing guidelines, utilising office space while protecting the health of their staff. Visitors will also soon be incorporated within this system.

Whilst contact tracing is a modern requirement, real-time employee check-in status is highly valuable for day-to-day safety and security operations, both in drill and real-life situations. The ability to access this within a single view is an effective solution to a common operational problem.

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