Why we built fire safety as a core feature of Evac One

Phil Woodward

Risk. It is something that every business faces and every business needs to control.

But some types of risks are more important than others, and any risk to life is the most important to mitigate. Important because it is a business’s moral duty to look after their staff, and important because safety is an area where government legislates and enforces standards of compliance.

Fire safety is one of those areas.

The government expects and requires any business with an office to ensure fire safety to a minimum standard, and of course employees simply expect their employer to do this and keep them safe.

No one expects a fire, and most businesses will never see one, but because the risk from fire is so severe it is an area that must be taken seriously.

However, for small businesses this is hard.

Large companies can benefit from dedicated fire safety managers, but small companies are unlikely to be able to afford this role.

Typically, a small company will give fire safety as a part time job to an operations manager or someone else in the office.

It’s often considered a burden and given the technical nature of the area and the stringent compliance requirements it can be a daunting task.

We realised it could be hugely simplified for small businesses through a software platform.

Digital processes are taking over from manual processes in industries and offices across the world, and yet for small businesses fire safety remains a confusing domain, an area reliant on paper logbooks and manual checklists.

So, we built fire safety as a core feature Evac One.

Evac.One is a simple to use and fast online platform for managing your fire safety compliance requirements, as well as other office management tasks.

Think of it like a digital logbook.

All the weekly, monthly and regular tasks you need to perform are there: fire alarm tests, evacuation drills and plans, asset registers and office layouts. Whether you want to run a roll call evacuation or a sweep and clear evacuation, Evac.One has you covered.

It includes reminders of critical tasks, such as fire alarm tests and evacuation drills, and represents one place where all of your fire safety compliance can be managed.

And you can use it with as many locations as you like, so if you are a business with more than one office or site, then it also provides a single place to ensure all your business locations are complying with regulation.

We’ve built Evac.One so that you can more easily look after your staff’s safety and remain compliant with your legal obligations.

We’re passionate about the importance of this, and we sincerely believe you will find the Evac.One platform a fantastic tool within your business.

Stay safe.

The Evac One team.