Fire safety during the Coronavirus crisis

Phil Woodward

The Coronavirus crisis is the most serious public health emergency faced by the UK in our lifetime, and the most serious economic crisis for over a decade.

It is unprecedented, we simply have no experience of this kind of emergency in the UK.

Across the country businesses are having to rapidly deploy staff to home working and change how they are managing work if their offices and premises are staying open.

Fire safety is an area that, despite the crisis, still needs to be managed as it was before. The risk from fire is not lessened in this period, and if anything, there is a risk it is increased by changes in behaviour, a shortage of wardens on site or a stock piling of goods.

The advice coming out of local fire and rescue services is clear. Responsible persons are still responsible for managing their fire safety obligations.

They also observed some businesses propping open fire doors so staff do not have to touch them to open them. While this is understandable, it should not be done as it trades one risk, Coronavirus spread, for another, the spread of fire in an incident. Their advice is in line with government, regular hand washing.

Suffolk Fire & Rescue have a summary of responsibilities here:

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service: Coronavirus pandemic

And Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service summarise their advice here:

Business safety during coronavirus outbreak

It’s a difficult time for businesses at the moment, but it’s important to keep up with your fire safety management tasks and compliance.

Evac One is a simple to use and fast platform for managing your fire safety tasks. During this time we’re offering all new customers three months free to help them through the Coronavirus crisis.

Stay safe.

The Evac One Team.