Save hours each month
managing your office

Simple software that provides everything you need to manage your office safely and efficiently. Our automated tools will save you time and ensure your compliance with safety legislation.

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Save hours managing your flexible office policy

Seamlessly control who has access to the office and when: Set priority levels, capacity restrictions, enable check-ins and get real time data on exactly who is in the office.

Steer Workplace will enable staff to request their own office access days and allocate them automatically according to priority and availability, saving hours of admin and troublesome errors.

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Log and track safety tasks with just a few clicks

Give up the burden of manual log books, calendar reminders and reliance on expensive third parties, by taking control of your own safety requirements. Steer workplace collates this information and tells you and your team when actions are due.

Keep digital asset registers, manage fire drills, log incidents and track alarm tests all from one workplace, accessible by key team members.

Get instant access to insightful management reports

Track your daily office utilisation for all of your sites from one place.

Get a positive COVID test amongst your team? Find out who else may have been exposed in seconds.​

30 day trial, no payment details required

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